Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Fatbike Manufacturers

Wondering what brands of fatbikes are available?  

Check out "Who Makes Fat" at the top of the page for more.

If you make fatbikes or fatbike products, drop me a line to be added to the list.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Future of Full Suspension Fatbikes | Boost 148

We have all drooled over the Salsa Bucksaw, daydreamed about the Farley EX, and wondered about the Foes Mutz.  These machines seem to be the perfect spring, summer and fall off-road fun machine machine for us fat converts.

However, where are all the big guys when it comes to full suspension fatbikes? There has not been a peep from Norco, Specialized, Kona or Trek. Are they ignoring the segment or do they have something else up their sleeves?

Apparently 29er bikes have a weak rear end. The current rear hub “standard”, coupled with the larger 29” wheel hoop, puts additional stress on the spokes.  I’ll leave the messy physics to the engineers.

Enter the Boost 148. A new wider rear hub standard that will effectively give the 29er wheels the same strength of the 27.5 by widening the rear hub and decreasing the angle of the spokes (more physics).

Here is where it gets interesting. This also allows the possibility of a 29er running wider 27.5+ rims coupled with a new 27.5+ tire. Some of these tires measure up to 3.5” wide with circumference of a 29er tire.

Such tires include the 27.5 Trax Fatty in 2.8, 3.0 and 3.25 recently released by Vee Tire.

In addition, Fox recently announcing its 2016 Factory 34 Float 27.5+ front fork to accommodate the new 27.5+ semi-fat tire segment.

Could we be seeing in the near future a semi-fat full suspension bike running 27.5+ rims and 3.5” wide tires?

Time will tell if full suspension fatbikes will be travelling down route 148.

Pony Rustler - Beginning of end?

Monday, 23 March 2015

StaFast Suspension Stem | Field Test

I have over 20 hours in the saddle with the StaFast Suspension Stem mounted to my Norco Bigfoot.  

The stem has seen smooth snow, frozen lakes, chatter bumps, chunky ice and a sprinkling of medium sized rocks and rough ground (during a mild spell).  

The unit performed as expected with a couple of quirks.  I see the stem as a "must have" for one particular bike segment, a nice to have for a couple and not really beneficial for a couple more.

There was one bug with the beta unit I tested and I was assured that the consumer version (that I will be provided for further testing) has had many upgrades over the version I tested here.

See the video for field testing details.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Exclusive Photos - Supersized Vee Snowshoe 2XL

For those who want to supersize their fat experience look no further that the Vee Snowshoe 2XL. 

These are pre-production photos and the final version may vary slightly.

The tires will measure a true 5+ inches (estimates are 5.10 to 5.5). 

This massive tire with studded tread will definitely give the ultimate flotation and grip in snow. 

They will be going into production shortly.

Vee has raised the bar !

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Skinny Tires on a Fatbike ?

So what’s up with that?

FRAMED bikes have a Fattie Slims wheel set and recently Pivot Cycles announced their slick LESFat with the ability to run 29” rims and skinny tires. Both companies essentially tout that it makes their bike more versatile.

Fatbikes themselves are quite versatile and slapping on a set of VEE Speedsters with 30lbs of air will give you an urban assault bike that Mad Max would be proud to ride.

I’m not sure if I’m sold on putting skinny tires on a fatbike, but swapping out a wheel set would take a little less time, there would be less rolling resistance and weight than running 4” tires and wide rims.

I’m guessing its one of those things you would have to try to see if it actually works or is marketing hype.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

RAW ! Unedited & Uncut | Ride Video

After capturing some video during a ride I have to catch up to the group.

The trails are narrow and quite fast in areas. 

This is unedited and uncut with no soundtrack . . . its RAW!