Sunday, 2 August 2015

5 Fatbike Videos You MUST Watch

There a quite a few cool and inspirational fatbiking videos out there and I have pulled together 5 videos that you MUST watch.

Some you may be revisiting, while others may be new.

Over 18 minutes of fat fun . . . so sit back, relax and let the fatbikes fly.

Check out Volume 2 for more fat vids.

Lets start off with the history of fatbikes (3:12).

How about a bit of snowy downhill and face plants. (2:55)

Next some seaside freestyle.(4:43)

A little bit of North Shore with the original Bigfoot. (3:07)

Nighttime cruising (2:09)

And a bonus grass roots track. (2:13)


  1. The Shoreline is amazing. Such solid riding.

  2. That dude riding Subnet is pretty darn good ... ;)

  3. Excellent. Thanks for sharing. Always a pleasure to see the fun that is had on a Fattie.