Sunday, 17 January 2016

Volume 3 - 5 Fatbike Videos You MUST Watch

This is third installment of the 5 Fabike Videos You MUST Watch series.  

There are literally 1000's of fatbike videos shared by an equal number of fatbike enthusiasts.  Here is another 20 minutes of fatbike fun from around the globe.

Just in case you missed the previous installments:

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Enjoy !

These guys in the Philippines really know how to have fun (3:00)

I can taste the sand as these folks ride the Sahara.  I must say that camels look sorta goofy. (4:58)

At Val Thorens in the French Alps these two fatbikers fly down the slope to a rocking soundtrack.  Are fatbikes supposed to go that fast? (3:44)

Its not only the guys who love fatbikes.  These ladies cruise the back country with a soon to be converted skinny rider. (5:15) 

Prowling.  An activity best done while on a fatbike.  It involves exploring the wilderness with no clear destination or route. (2:10)

And a short bonus track.  Riding glare ice into the sun with the sound of the wind and studs cutting the ice.  Only on a fatbike. (0:13)

Ride on !


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