Saturday, 23 April 2016

Wolf Tooth Travel Tool Wrap | Organization Deluxe !

I'm not what you would call an expert bike mechanic.  I'm quite handy at most things and over the years I have dabbled at fixing a few odds and ends on my bikes.

Instead of picking up a prepackaged bike tool kit I purchased the individual tools that I needed for the job when I needed them.  And sometimes I would purchase a tool in anticipation of needing it.

At first the tools shared a drawer in my workbench.  Then they moved to their own small toolbox and finally graduated to a large toolbox where they sat in a disorganized tangle of metal and plastic. 

I thought about mounting some pegboard and hanging the tools (like I have done with my general tools) however wall space is at a premium.  

There had to be a better way to organize and store my bike tools . . . enter the Wolf Tooth Travel Tool Wrap.  The folks over a Wolf Tooth were kind enough to send one over to see if it would help resolve the tool conundrum here at Fatbike Republic.

Wolf Tooth Tool Wrap

What Wolf Tooth has to say

When designing their bike tool wrap they wanted something that would make trailside fixes quick and easy and get you out riding sooner.  Features include:

  • Top flap that can be shut in a car door for a mobile workshop
  • Bottom flap provides a work space to keep your parts and tools out of the dirt when working on the ground
  • Pocket layout is ideal for all the tools you need to build a bike
  • Aluminum eyelets for hanging up in your home or work shop
  • Ideal for - CX or XC racing pits, car tool kit, travelling with your bike or home shop tool organization

The Wrap

The wrap is divided into three main sections: the top flap for hanging in a car door (23 1/2 x 7 3/4); main body for the tool storage (26 3/4 x 18 1/4); and the bottom flap work space (23 1/2 x 12 1/2).  All the seams in the rip stop nylon are securely sewn, with binding used along all exterior edges for extra durability.

Wolf Tooth Tool Wrap

There are 11 clear pockets (three different sizes), five deep pouches and four elastic loops for all your tools.  Once loaded with tools there are snaps that connect the top and bottom flap to give the tools an extra measure of security.  Once rolled there are two heavy nylon straps with side release buckles.  And those aluminum eyelets for hanging are installed on the top edge of the main body.

Wolf Tooth Tool Wrap

Like most of the Wolf Tooth product line the Tool Wrap is made in the USA.

Loading up the Wrap

I first unloaded my tool box and had a look around the shop to see if any other tools were kicking around.  The tool box was a mess and I had actually forgotten I had purchased a couple of the tools.

Loading up the wrap was a bit of trial and error as the actual placement of the tools is pure personal preference.  In about 15 minutes I had all the tools in their new home and in locations that made sense to me.  

Wolf Tooth Tool Wrap

After folding over and snapping the flaps I rolled the wrap, adjusted the nylon straps and cinched it all up.  The carrying strap makes it quite handy to move around.

Wolf Tooth Tool Wrap

In use

Well . . . I didn't have any trail side repairs to do on my Sasquatch, but I was curious about the wrap's portability . . . so out to the Patriot I go.  The wrap fit easily under the front seat out of view of prying eyes.  The door flap worked surprisingly well with the paint not being scuffed.

With that done it was back to the shop to hang the wrap via its eyelets.  I did not have any pegboard, but I did pop two cup hooks on the underneath of a shelf.  The hanging tool wrap provided easy access to all my bike tools.

Wolf Tooth Tool Wrap

And when rolled it will easily fit into just about any nook or cranny you can find.  No worries about a toolbox sliding off an uneven surface and spilling its contents when impacting the floor.

Final Thoughts

A toolbox is just that . . . a box to hold tools.  In no way does it make it easy and quick to search and retrieve the tool you need.  Quick and easy search and retrieve would mean dedicated wall real estate . . . not everyone has that.  And who would love an extra set of tools to stash in the vehicle for trail side repairs.

Well the Wolf Tooth Travel Tool Wrap does all that and more: stores a bunch of tools, using minimal space, giving quick and easy access and its portable.

So if you like dabbling in bike repairs, are a new budding bike mechanic, or a seasoned expert . . . the Wolf Tooth Travel Tool Wrap is something that may make your life a little less complicated.

Ride on !

Saturday, 9 April 2016

KustomCaps | Pure Fatbike Bling

Everybody wants a little bling or personalization on their fatbike to make it their own and make it stand out from the crowd.  Grips and pedals have been the standard go to personalization upgrade, but what if you want something just a little more.

How about a customized stem cap?

The folks over at KustomCaps make custom laser-etched stem caps in a bundle of anodized colours and have sent a few samples to Fatbike Republic for review.

The Caps

Made to fit 1 1/8 steerer tube, the most common size on modern bikes, KustomKaps offer a plethora stock caps, a “Your Message Here” cap or a fully custom cap.  In addition to the coloured caps, they also offer coloured cap bolts and headset spacers.

Sugar Skull

This is one of their stock caps and you can mix and match the cap colour with the “eye colour” of your choice.

Sugar Skull

Get Beer!

Another stock cap that you can mix and match colours.  This one reminds me of cross between Homer Simpson and fatbiking.  Mmmmmmm fatbiking!

Fully Kustom

Your message, your graphic, your custom design.  Download the template and follow the instructions.  Let your imagination be your guide.


Its not rocket science.  Remove existing cap bolt, remove old cap, and replace with your KustomCap.  Voila!

While in the vicinity check your bar clamp bolts and steerer clamp bolts to ensure they are nice and snug.

Final Thoughts

Caps run from $7.99 - $15.99 depending if you would like a stock cap or something a little special.  You can order one or 101 . . . whatever you need KustomCaps can set you up.

If you are looking for some serious fatbike bling head on over to KustomCaps  and find or create something to express the inner chubby you. 

Mmmmmmm donut!

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Searching for Snow - 200 km | Ride Video

It was mid-March and some very warm temperatures killed out winter fatbiking trails.  A few of us wanted to ride some snow and we heard that there were decent conditions 200 km away.  So we packed up our fatties and headed out over the highway to test the snow in some unfamiliar conditions.

After a two hour drive the trail started with a climb.  It leveled out and then we hit a looong climb.  The climbs were worth it as conditions were amazing - blue skies, warm, no wind with unlimited visibility and 360 degrees of scenery.  

On the way back those brutal ascents were crazy fun descents

What a hoot !

Four hours (24 km) of super fatbike riding.

Enjoy the video!