Sunday, 28 August 2016

Volume 4 - 5 Fatbike Videos You MUST Watch

This is fourth installment of the 5 Fabike Videos You MUST Watch series.  

I decided to jump into the Mr. Fusion powered DeLorean and head back to December 5, 2015 . . . Global Fatbike Day.  City, sand, snow or slush fatbikers unite to celebrate fat around the globe.

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The folks out in Winnipeg, Manitoba had a pretty big turnout.  A little bit of city riding, a little bit of country riding and a little bit of snow.  Nice soundtrack. (6:02)

Heading east we hit Thunder Bay, Ontario where a crew of fatbikers celebrate GFBD on what appears to be an abandoned railway bed.  The tunnel looked spooky and slippery. (2:31)

Next we jump across the pond to Frensham . . . a village in Surrey, England.  A shortage of snow did not hamper this crowd from having fun.  The rest stop in the courtyard looked tasty. (4:35)

Next we head south to Spain where they celebrated on the sand and on some crazy downhill rocky sections.  There are even clips of Spaniards celebrating in different part of the globe.  Cool! (5:24)

And now back across the pond to Crested Butte, Colorado where a large handful of fatbikers take to the snow.  I really love the trail at the three minute mark.  And there is a trail dog along for the fun. (4:43)

What are you and your fat friends gonna do for 2016?

Ride on!


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